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Web Hosting

In order to display your web-site on the web, you need to find a web-host to store the data for you and to communicate with a web-browser to make your data availabe when requested. Normally, you reserve a domain name (e.g: and link that name to a storage space provided by a web-hosting provider.

We offer three different solutions for you:
  • For smaller web-sites (about 10 pages or less, no database), we offer storage of your data on our web-site for a fraction of the cost a web-host would charge. The only restriction is that you can not do your own development with this solution.
  • For bigger web-pages (about 1,000 pages or less, no or just a simple database), we recommend you to store your data on a dedicated web-package with a web-host.
  • For large web-sites (more than 1,000 pages and/or a complex database), we recommend a dedicated web-server with a conventional web-host or in the cloud.
We provide help with all three solutions and administer all related tasks for you, like domain name reservation, web-hosting administration, FTP configration, Mail accounts setup, etc. ...

We can put your data on the cloud or if you want to, we will put your data on Akamai Servers to make your web-site accessible quickly from any place on the world. (see also: Cloud Migration and Cloud Support in Services)